Return On Investment

Return on investment through Kiara's work will vary depending on factors that exist for your specific company - but working with Kiara, as well as following Kiara's process maintenance recommendations, can result in enormous returns.

Examples of Returns on Investment

Chicago Research and Trading Group - Kiara's work drove a small family-owned firm to worldwide industry leadership in the options trading industry. The company opened offices in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Tokyo. The corporate culture that Kiara created and maintained was cited as the central reason for the company's success.
  • The family ownership invested $100,000 and after thirteen years earnings were 1+ Billion Dollars.

Kiara drove Chicago Research and Trading Group to
world-wide industry leadership. Read More

Arrow Gear Company - Kiara changed the direction of a 50+ year old family owned manufacturer of aerospace systems. Arrow Gear Company manufactures aerospace systems for military aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, rockets and commercial aircraft.
  • The company's yearly revenue rose from 24 Million to 38 Million Dollars.

Landmark Capital - Kiara was instrumental in obtaining the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox as clients for this premiere investment advisory firm. The firm now caters to high profile clients who are world class sports figures, medical professionals, sports teams, and athletes.
  • Profits increased 800 percent.

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