"My experience is that very few organizations have been able to build the sense of team and trust that Kiara does… this is to enthusiastically support Kiara…"
Robert H. Waterman Jr.
Co-Author with Tom Peters: "In Search of Excellence"

"Kiara helped build…an egoless team culture built on personal character and aptitude… enabling Chicago Research and Trading Group to parlay its initial capital of $100,000 into $200 million" (eventually - over $1 billion).
Intermarket Magazine

"Kiara's staff read people better than anyone I've met anywhere in the world. As a result, we are five to ten years ahead of our competition with the gap getting wider every year." In addition, "Kiara can help any firm build and retain a great staff in any field". "We have…1% attrition from all causes over six years."
Gerald J. Duffy, Scientist
Pure mathematician; former Director of Information Technology for Blue Cross Blue Shield Worldwide. Mr Duffy is a former partner in the options-trading company.

"Chicago Research and Trading Group is the world's largest options-trading company and the envy of the industry…the biggest single player in the most important futures and options pits…it baffles its rivals."
Wall Street Journal

"The company's meteoric rise to the top has been the result of consistent integration of a carefully planned personnel policy, management style and just plain horse sense"…"our secret is the kind of people we hire and the way we organize (manage) them."
Intermarket Magazine

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