Building Block Three - No Surprise Recruitment

Kiara's No Surprise Recruitment is a time-proven method for hiring people who have great character traits - positive, hardworking, and responsible people that you can trust. Often fewer employees are required to get the job done.

Sometimes, staffing changes may be necessary. The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you may have made a hiring mistake. The best people can manage themselves. They may need to be guided, taught, led, but not tightly managed. Often it becomes clear that some staff either would not be hired again or their manager would be relieved if they left. Changes can result - this according to Jim Collins, the author of the book Good to Great.

Kiara can teach you to strengthen your existing recruiting efforts. Additionally, you can learn to identify a job candidate's desirable character traits and detect their undesirable character traits. This predicts how they will perform before you hire them.

When staff changes are necessary, you can hire great performers who enhance the morale of the people working near them. No surprises.

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